Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Natural Birth

madaise / / CC BY-ND
There can be a number of misconceptions about what is involved in having a natural birth.  For many women, the phrase brings up images of poor conditions and archaic methods, but the reality is that natural birth just means the child is delivered without any medical interventions such as pharmaceuticals or surgery.  This can be a very attractive option for some mothers, as there is always a concern for the health of the child when medication or manipulation is involved.  Some mothers may not be able to choose this option if there are health concerns, such as diabetes, ectopic pregnancy, or even severe high blood pressure.  However, if the mother and baby are healthy, a natural birth can be a very fulfilling experience.

Once a mother and child have received a clean bill of health, the choice of a natural birth can offer a beautiful and spiritual experience.  One of the biggest reasons that women will choose this route is that they want to be fully present for the birth of their new baby, and drugs and surgery can interfere with that expression.  More hospitals are accepting of natural birth, but very often, mothers who take this route will look into home birthing to fully complete the commitment.

In order to have a home birth, it is wise for the mother to choose a midwife to act as a coach and a health practitioner during the process.  The midwife will help the mother create a birthing chamber in the house and ensure that all of the necessary supplies are present.  The midwife will also help the mother with what to expect and how to handle labor and the associated pain.  This partnership can provide the foundation for a satisfying and enlightening experience.

One of the benefits of a natural birth at home is that the mother is able to maintain her comfort, and the familiar surroundings can help to alleviate the fear and tension that may be exacerbated in a hospital.  Statistics also show a lesser percentage of vaginal tearing and infections through the use of this option.  After the birth, the mother is able to immediately settle into nesting and nurturing, without having to worry about relocating herself after delivery.  This can also enhance the experience and ease any tension about giving birth.

A natural birth offers a way for the mother to bond with her child through the process of giving life.  Since the mother is fully in control, she can relax into labor instead of fighting against it.  The use of good coaching and a relaxed setting can make labor less traumatic, and this benefits the mother as well as the child.

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